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We invest for people.


Your dream is uniquely yours. The team at Macke Financial understands that your dream has many facets. We make as many of them a reality as possible. Just because your dream is “a dream”, doesn’t mean it won’t become a reality in the future.

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To understand what drives our firm, you should understand more about our outlook on life and how we’ve accomplished our own personal goals. I’m a prolific writer and invite you to read more about what makes my firm and philosophy different.

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Macke Financial Advisory Group, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Todd C. Macke, CFP. Working as a financial consultant for another company, Mr. Macke decided that in order to work in his desired atmosphere and fulfill his professional philosophy, the best solution was to create his own firm.

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When life is busy, or all your energy is focused on a special project, it’s all too easy to find yourself off balance, not paying enough attention to important areas of your life. While you need to have drive and focus if you’re going to get things done, taking this too far can lead to frustration and intense stress. That’s when it’s time to take a “helicopter view” of your life, so that you can bring things back into balance.

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In addition to Mr. Macke, the team includes Brooke Green. Brooke is currently working to complete her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Florida, and serves as the main point of contact for clients.

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Since 2006 Todd Macke has conducted the required financial literacy classes for applicants seeking home ownership through the Habitat for Humanity program.  Habitat for Humanity is a charitable, non-profit organization that provides housing for those who are otherwise unable to own their own home.

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Macke Financial Advisory Group has been recognized not only as one of the top wealth management firms in Southwest Florida but also among the best in the nation by major national financial magazines.

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Our experience in the financial planning world spills over into every conceivable aspect of life. Money is sacred to people – it’s the medium through which they acheive their goals and make their dreams comes to life. We know that, above all else, integrity is what matters. We want to gain your trust, and so that being said, we stand behind our ideas and our advice.