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Macke Financial Advisory Group as a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, (NAPFA) adheres to a higher Fiduciary Standard and always acts in the client’s best interest. We are not stock brokers or registered representatives that are paid for their services by getting commissions on the financial products that are recommended to the client. We are only paid by the client according to an agreement that describes our services and compensation before any engagement begins. This fee-only compensation eliminates potential conflicts of interest which are inherent in commission based services.

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President & Founder
Macke Financial Advisory Group, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Todd C. Macke, CFP. Working as a financial consultant for another company, Mr. Macke decided that in order to work in his desired atmosphere and fulfill his professional philosophy, the best solution was to create his own firm. Currently, the Macke Financial Advisory Group serves over 100 clients in 11 states.
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Client Service Concierge
Business is a language I have spoken since I can remember. I am a proud Floridian that was born into an entrepreneurial family. Business was deeply embedded into my DNA before I could even walk or talk. My father has owned several successful businesses throughout my life and I was fortunate to learn some vital skills and experience early on that helped plant the seed that would help my career grow into what it is today. My passion for business, customer relations and service has driven my journey throughout my career and I am proud to say that I love what I do.

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